[ITA] Networking Circolare: la misura piu’ efficace anche per la Data Protection
Da soli si va veloci insieme si va lontano perché ai giorni d’oggi le sfide che un imprenditore o un professionista deve affrontare sono sempre in continua crescita
[ENG] VPN: Tunnelling and Security Services
Tunneling refers to the “technology enabling one network to send its data via another network’s connections. Tunneling works by encapsulating a network protocol within packets carried by the second network.
[DEU] Wie kann die DSGVO ihr Gleichgewicht halten?
Wer sind die drei Akteure, die innerhalb der GDPR das Gleichgewicht halten?
[ENG] What makes your data valuable? Discover here how gravity applies also to your data !
Understanding data value represents one small step for yourself and one giant leap for your company.
[ENG] Are you sure you know what does “Risk” mean ?
Among the plethora of Risk Definitions, which one is the best ? Are we supposed to choose one ?