Our Services

A picture speaks better than 100 words. Enhance and make your presentations, documents, training unique with an Infographic.
Our Moodle platform helps you as a student to reach your goals in the infosec field.
Customize and make your policies, procedures, working instructions dynamic and scalable. We provide documents in english, german and italian language.
If you need a Data Protection Officer of simply you need help in facing your problems related to data protection, contact us. We do our best to bake Data Protection in your daily job and to bring value out of compliance.
A bot is an engaging way to make an assessment, to help being compliant in a smooth way or simply to communicate something to your audience.
Power Automation
Let Microsoft Flow help you in reaching compliance while using your standard working tools (i.e. MS Teams, Outlook, Lists and Forms)


Texts to flowchart conversion

Interpreting a law or regulation and converting it in internal process and activities can be boring and ime consuming. With our expertise we can help you in translating laws, regulations, your policies and procedures in flowcharts. This one below (in Italian language) is an example of how we have translated GDPR application and recommendations to your role in a company.

Explanation of technical concepts

Infosec can hide some technical concepts vary challenging to grasp also for subject matter experts. Our continuous learning approach, and our wide and rich certifications portfolio helped us in creating some infographics useful in explaining such dry concepts. Her below our explanation of how synchronous and asynchronous OneTimePassword tokens work.

List and tables

Let media-vectors like lists and tables become a much more feelingly experience for your audience or readers. Here below an example of how we involved our readers with biometrics.

DynDocs (Dynamic Documents)

Policies and Procedures
Whether you need them for your small site GDPR compliance or to better express your desire to organize processes in your company, we have them also in multi-language format.    
A checklist is a powerful tool to give confidence, if you don't believe it, try them !   
DPIAs, Registers and more
You know some privacy documents are mandatory for almost all activities in Europe ? We can help you in understanding what documentation you need and we can help you in writing it.
Are you evaluating if you are GDPR compliant or ready to approach ISO27001 certification ? Your only chance is to know your "as-is"  


A telegram bot can be an easy and funny way to interact with your audience. Here you find an example (in italian language): the bot will guide you in understanding if your properly treating data as per EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR):


As data protection officers (DPO) we'll ensure that your organisation processes the personal data of your staff, customers, providers or any other individual in compliance with the applicable data protection rules. 
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), obliges some organisations in EU countries to appoint a DPO.    
Accorting to the GDPR a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is required "whenever processing is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals". We can evaluate if you need a DPIA and provide you the best one to fit your needs.
When you don't understand either the technical language of a System Administrator nor the legalese of a lawyer maybe we can provide you some help.  

Power Automation

A flow created with MS Power automate con help you reach data protection compliance while using your standard office tools (Outlook, Sharepoint, List, Forms) logging authorization and logging all desired activities on shared resaources: