Demystifying GDPR: Your Essential Guide for SMEs and Consultants
Still wondering about the essence of GDPR? Whether you're a consultant or an SME owner, you might be wondering about your responsibilities. The good news is, you don't need to feel guilty. It's time to take action because comprehensive information and instructions on compliance are readily available. These valuable resources originate directly from guidelines provided by the European Data Protection Board.
Sveliamo il Mistero dei Framework Privacy: ISO 27701, MITRE Privacy Maturity Model e NIST Privacy Model
Un privacy framework è una sorta di guida, una struttura, o un insieme di linee guida che le aziende possono seguire per proteggere i dati personali dei loro clienti e utenti. È come una mappa che ti dice cosa fare per rispettare le leggi sulla privacy.
Unveiling the Great Divide: Management vs. Leadership – Which Path Leads to Success?
Learn the key differences between management and leadership, and consider how each plays a part in the success of an organization. This article digs into the dynamic interaction between management and leadership, examining significant distinctions and highlighting successful tactics while providing insightful tips to boost output and motivation and eventually produce outstanding results.
How to Make the Most Out of a Challanging Certification Starting on Day One
Obtaining a certification represents an investment in increasing one's "explicit value" as a Subject Matter Expert and as a Candidate. You can get value out of your certification when you start studying and not only after you get certified.
What Everyone Must Know About the Common Future of AI and GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to protect the privacy of individuals by regulating the collection, use, and storage of their personal data by organizations and the free movement of personal data within EU. This is what GDPR states in his 1st article.
Sai davvero cosa deve fare il Titolare del Trattamento per rispettare il GDPR ?
In questo post rispondiamo alla domanda : cosa impone il Principio di Responsabilizzazione al Titolare del trattamento? O per dirla in parole povere, cosa devono fare i Titolari del trattamento per rispettare il GDPR ?
Do Security Controls Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?
Security Controls represents the natural intersection between compliance and cybersecurity. For example, they are one of the best ways to demonstrate the Accountability requested by GDPR in many articles to data controllers and data processors.
Per la privacy le dimensioni contano (ma fino ad un certo punto)
La dimensione di un’Azienda non è rilevante quando si tratta di applicabilità del GDPR. Il GDPR, infatti, trova applicazione per ogni Azienda che tratta dati personali indipendentemente dal fatto che l'azienda sia una microimpresa o una multinazionale di dimensioni ciclopiche.
The supplier-user relationship in the era of data protection
The sensitivity to data referring to people has had a very strong acceleration in the last twenty years. In recent years, however, two distinct phenomena have completely changed the perspective: the digitalization and diffusion of the internet.
Will GDPR and blockchain have a common future?
Blockchain is a technology, by definition, unable to forget and resistant to censorship. These characteristics, its versatility, its being suitable for use in many fields, and the Bitcoin explosion have determined its rise in recent years. At the same time, attention has grown in recent years, especially in Europe, towards the protection of personal data.