Unveiling the Great Divide: Management vs. Leadership – Which Path Leads to Success?
Learn the key differences between management and leadership, and consider how each plays a part in the success of an organization. This article digs into the dynamic interaction between management and leadership, examining significant distinctions and highlighting successful tactics while providing insightful tips to boost output and motivation and eventually produce outstanding results.
Il Registro del Trattamento
Il Registro del Trattamento, normato nel Regolamento 679/2016 GDPR dall’art. 30 e dal considerando 82 è il primo punto di contatto fra Titolare e Responsabile del Trattamento e Nucleo speciale della Guardia di Finanza. Analizziamo meglio questo documento e perchè è così importante.
What is the best definition of Risk ?
Among the plethora of Risk Definitions, which one is the best ? Are we supposed to choose one ? Risk is universal, we encounter it in our lives daily, and we are constantly facing it whenever we take a decision, what makes things more interesting is that Risk is not always so easy to measure. That makes Risk Management an art. Lets see some definitions of it provided by some very famous institutions.